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The Olmares compound consisting of the Manor House & Apartments forms an ‘island’ in the mountain hamlet of Basieda in the beautiful, renowned Liébana Valley of the Picos de Europa.

The Olmares apartments, with their superb situation on the side of a mountain looking across the valley to the distant peaks, are perfect for doing nothing at all should you so choose. The terraces and balconies offer glorious views and weather – sunshine most days but enough cloud or rain just to cool the place down to the perfect temperature – mid 20’s – low 30’s in summer, 18º - 25º in autumn and spring and this sometimes even on Christmas Day. We've only had the snow plough through the village 4 times in 16 years! Usually the snow lies, like icing on a cake, higher up on the mountains all around.

When we came to ‘build’ the Olmares apartments we started with a ruin but the original outline was still quite visible. There had been 5 individual dwellings centred round a communal courtyard. They were small traditional dwellings with animal quarters below each. They are now 4 spacious 2-person apartments (50 sqm) and one 4-person apartment (75 sqm) with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This has been achieved by largely using the original outline, oak timbers and stone. The greatest care has been taken to ‘isolate’ each apartment, in terms of noise, from its neighbours and the best possible furnishing and accessories have been used – even the wide picture windows and french doors are double glazed – thus keeping out summer heat and in winter warmth. The terrace or balcony, depending on which apartment you have, runs the full width of the apartment and is therefore very substantial – wide enough for easy sunbathing, eating outdoors and birdwatching.

Finally, when night comes and the owls and nightjars take over, have a night cap outdoors under a bright, clear, starry sky.

Please note that the apartments are not suitable for young children and those over 12 are by prior agreement only. Please do not smoke at Olmares - it is a  non smoking area.


For garden lovers...


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Relax, and unwind in some of our communal spaces 

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