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There are several communal areas within the Olmares compound for guests to enjoy. 

The library is a great space to read a book, watch a film, or chat with other guests should you wish. There is also free wifi available here. This beautiful room has a mezzanine floor with commanding views of the valley, a log burning stove, Smart TV, and large collection of books, including heaps of reference material on local flora & fauna, hikes, and maps of the area. Pour yourself a drink and plan the next days adventure by the fire!

The courtyard also provides a large open cool space to escape the mid-day heat in summer and there is a section with a large custom built BBQ and seating.

We supply high quality oak from the mountains which provide great embers for grilling a piece of local meat or fish at the end of the day.

The apartments also open out onto their own private little garden, this is packed with a variety of different trees and plants, providing a little sanctuary of peace and quiet for all guests to enjoy. 

Up the stone stairway in the central courtyard is the laundry room. There is a bank of washing machines, a tumble dryer, ironing board and iron. Outside the door to the laundry room is the drying area with several lines which are conveniently situated over the hot water pipes in the floor for easy drying.

The Library
The Gardens


  • Communal Library with Maps

  • Smart TV

  • BBQ area

  • Communal Gardens

  • Laundry Room

  • Courtyard

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