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It's not just about hiking at Olmares, we're also very passionate about good food and wine.  When you're here we'll be delighted to point out some recommendations on where to go for a great steak, oysters on the coast, or where to try a traditional Cocido Liebanego.  




For eating in we'll point out where the best places are in town to shop for food and why not try some of Pablo's organic produce for some super fresh local fruit and veg. 

Pablo takes care of the Olmares gardens and huerto (vegetable patch) and keeps his own free range hens in the village.


With a masters in agricultural engineering and a vegan to boot he knows a thing or two about producing top notch organic produce. His gardens are his passion and what he grows is available for guests to buy.

Pablo has a list of what's in season either order when you're here or drop us an email in advance and we'll arrange for your produce to be waiting for you on arrival. 

Pablo's organic produce
Pablo's organic produce
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