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Where to eat

There are loads of great places to eat in the region but here is a selection of some of our favorites:

Around Olmares:

La Viñona - This is our local bar just down the hill from Olmares. There's always a good mix of people ranging from bikers stopping off for lunch to hunters getting together after a day out searching for wild boar in the surrounding mountains.

It's a great spot for grabbing a bite to eat and a beer whilst watching the world go by and they do a large steak and chips + bottle of red for only 22 Euros!.

Meson el Laurel - A lovely family run bar/restaurant located in Caloca, hearty home cooking by Marta in this remote and beautiful village. Sit outside and try the borono (a type of local black pudding).  A hidden gem. N.B they don't have any website but ask us when you're here and we'll give you directions on how to get there.


Casa Cayo - This is an institution in Potes and is one of our favorite places to go and have a Manchado (mixture of local white wine with a splash of tostadillo which is a sweet wine made from dried grapes). Also the embutidos (cold cuts) are a must and are some of the best in potes.  Come hungry as portions are large!


Asador Llorente - Head here for amazing dry aged local steaks and one of the better wine lists in town. One of the fancier restaurants in town a great place to head for a treat.


On the coast:

Annua - This is a two-Michelin star restaurant with stunning views across the estuary in St Vicente. Chef Oscar Calleja offers seasonal tasting menus which take cantabrian cuisine to new heights.  The tasting menus are quite punchy in terms of price but hey you're on holiday! If shelling out for a full tasting menu is a bit much then just stick to their bistro Nácar, this is more casual but still has the same amazing views. Also pick up some Oysters from the Oyster farm next door!

Bar Colon - We call this the greasy spoon and have been going here for the past 30 years, it's still one of our favorites. Delicious no fuss fresh seafood. Try the merluza - lumps of hake battered in a wonderfully light crisp batter.

El Marucho -  a wonderful seafood restaurant in Santander, stop off here for lunch on the way to or back home from Olmares, Fish grilled to perfection , Spider Crab and Percebes (when in season). Don't bother trying to call as they don't take reservations, just make sure you get there nice and early to avoid queues

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