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Return of the Quebrantahuesos - The Bone Breaker

Vultures at dawn up on on the sleeping man hike. Photo by Juline & Max 2020

Some more happy news coming out of the Picos de Europa - an initiative to re-introduce the critically endangered Bearded Vulture, known locally as Quebrantahuesos or the 'Bone Breaker', is starting to bear fruit.

These amazing looking raptors have gradually been re-introduced into the Picos since 2005 and this week the first chick born in the wild has been confirmed in the region since their total disappearance from the area 75 years ago.

The name Quebrantahuesos comes from the bird's unique diet comprising almost entirely of bones and bone marrow. It gets at the marrow by dropping scavenged bones from a great height onto cliff rocks below and then swooping down to eat the exposed prize.

There are apparently only 100 breeding pairs left in Europe but the Picos is now home once again to these amazing birds and we've had guests in recent years that have spotted them during their stay.

Olmares is a haven for nature lovers and bird watchers as our little village of Basieda is located in the Zepa Liebana which is a Special Protected Area for wild birds.

If you come and stay and manage to spot one please let us know as we would love to hear about sightings! Also if anyone has a photo of one they wouldn't mind sharing please send us a message @

Impressive list of bird sightings by Martin & Denise Bennett who stayed with us in 2018 - Thank you!

Also check out our google earth Map with details of hikes and wildlife sightings:

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