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Searching for the source...

One of the simple pleasures at Olmares is to be able to drink water straight from a mountain spring - no more plastic bottles of some fancy brand which has been shipped halfway around the world, this is the real deal straight from a pristine little spring up in the mountains behind Olmares.

The water is filtered through the layers of limestone bedrock and tastes beautifully pure and crisp. Villages have been visiting this spring to get their water for centuries and the older locals in the village swear by its stomach soothing properties.

The old man view from Olmares accommodation in Picos de Europa

Last week I hiked up to the source in the early morning, the mountains of the Picos de Europa are so peaceful at this time, the hush of the morning mist sat lazily in the valley gradually to be burnt off by the warm sun behind. The air was cool and the morning dew made it sweet with damp autumn smells of the forest.

The only sounds where those of the trickling of water from the mountain streams and morning birdsong echoing though the valley.

I passed several spots where wild boar had been digging the night before, and the track was littered with different types of mushrooms.

Olmares mineral water straight from behind the Olmares accommodation in the picos de europa

The climb up to the source is steep and as your heart begins to pound in your chest, and the senses are bombarded by the sights, sounds and smells of nature it's hard not to feel completely alive!

If you're staying with us we'll make sure you have a large flask of the spring water for you on arrival, and should you want a refill we'll be sure to point you in the right direction!

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